Pacific Northwest Chapter
of MLA

Leaders 2000 - 2009


  Chair Chair-Elect Past Chair Recording
Treasurer Chapter Council
2000 Kim Granath Janice Bacino Carolyn Olsone Kathy Nelson Barbara Crain Nola Higley Bob Pringle & Edean Berglund
2001 Janice Bacino Bob Pringle Kim Granath Chris Beahler Kathy Martin Nola Higley Patrice O'Donovan & Dolores Judkins
2002 Bob Pringle Peggy Baldwin Janice Bacino Cheryl Goodwin Kathy Martin Nola Higley Patrice O'Donovan & Dolores Judkins
2003 Peggy Baldwin Vicki Croft Bob Pringle Anne Girling Kathy Martin Heidi Sue Adams Patrice O'Donovan & Dolores Judkins
2004 Vicki Croft Kathy Martin Peggy Baldwin Susan Barnes Anne Girling Heidi Sue Adams Patrice O'Donovan & Dolores Judkins
2005 Kathy Martin Lea Starr Vicki Croft Gail Kouame Anne Girling Heidi Sue Adams Dolores Judkins & Kim Granath
2006 Lea Starr Cheryl Goodwin Kathy Martin Liisa Rogers Anne Girling Nanette Welton Dolores Judkins & Kim Granath
2007 Heidi Sue Adams Gail Kouame Lea Starr Liisa Rogers Susan Barnes Nanette Welton (Jan-Aug) Judith Hayes (Sept-Dec) Kim Granath & Arleen Libertini
2008 Gail Kouame Kathy Murray Heidi Sue Adams Ann Madhavan Susan Barnes Judith Hayes Kim Granath & Arleen Libertini
2009 Kathy Murray Noelle Harling Gail Kouame Ann Madhavan Susan Barnes Judith Hayes Kim Granath & Arleen Libertini

Committee Chairs

Archives: Janet Schnall, 2000-2009

Bylaws: Janet Schueller, 2000-2009

Conference Planning: Kathy Murray, 2000-2009

Governmental Relations: Marcia Batchelor, 2001-2002; Bob Richart, 2003-2009

Group Purchasing: Pamela Murray & Cheryl Goodwing, 2004; Cheryl Goodwin & Pamela Murray, 2005-2007; Marcia Horner, 2008; Pam Spickelmier, 2009

Mentoring & Recruitment: Dolores Judkins, 2004-2009

MLA Nominating Committee Candidate: Sherry Dodson, 2000; Edean Berglund, 2001; Susan Long, 2002; Maryanne Blake, 2003; Linda Milgrom, 2004; Heidi Sue Adams, 2005; Michelle Spatz, 2006; not on ballot, 2007; Michelle Spatz, 2008; Dolores Judkins, 2009

Nominating & Elections: Carolyn Adams, 2000; Kim Granath, 2001; Janice Bacino, 2002, Bob Pringle 2003, Peggy Baldwin 2004; Vicki Croft, 2005; Kathy Martin 2006; Lea Starr, 2007; Heidi Sue Adams, 2008; Gail Kouame, 2009

Professional Development: Lisa Oberg, 2000; Kelly Thormodson, 2001-2002; Maryanne Blake, 2003-2006, 2009; Carolyn Adams, 2007-2008

Program: Kathy Murray, 2000; Beverly Schriver, 2001; Diane Helmer and Shannon Long, 2003; Joint Program, 2004; Robin Braun, 2004; Ann von Segen, 2005; Gail Kouame & Lisa Oberg, 2006; Tori Koch and Kim Hart, 2007; No program, 2008; Susan Barnes & Gail Kouame, 2009

Publications/Newsletter: Kathy Murray, 2000-2008; Leilani St. Anna, 2009

Technology: Susan Barnes, 2001-2004; Neal van der Voorn, 2005-2006; disbanded

AHIP Liaison: Terry Jankowski, 2000-2005, Janet Schnall, 2006; Tori Koch, 2007-2008, Chris Shaffer, 2009

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