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PNC/MLA does not maintain its own listserv/discussion list.  Instead, we use the regional list (hlib-nw). 

What Is The Purpose Of The HLIB-NW List?

The HLIB-NW List exists to facilitate electronic communications via the Internet among the health sciences library and health information community in the Northwest. It provides a forum for discussing practical, theoretical, and philosophical issues and for exchanging advice, information, ideas, and resources of interest to its intended audience.  The list is maintained by Patricia Devine and Michael Moore. It debuted in November 1993, with 80 charter subscribers and is maintained by the University of Washington Health Sciences Library.

The archives of messages on HLIB-NW are only accessible to subscribers. For more information on getting to the archives go to: How can I retrieve an old HLIB-NW message?

How Can I Send A Message To All HLIB-NW List Subscribers?

Send your message to the following Internet address:

All messages sent to the above address are forwarded to all HLIB-NW subscribers. You must be a subscriber in order to send a message to the list.

How Can I Subscribe Or Unsubscribe To HLIB-NW?

HLIB-NW uses Mailman, a Web-based discussion list software. To subscribe, unsubscribe, or edit your subscription options such as digest, postpone list message delivery while on vacation and more, or to access archived messages you must start at the HLIB-NW Information page. To do that go to


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